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woman begging 12

she stooped lower than the ground would allow
hoping to find paper dolls lost before yesterday
when marionettes and puppet clowns strolled
on the boardwalk

she wept with no shame as her tears freely fell
and her broken heart-felt shattered beyond repair
in places where bruises should never form
deep within her soul

curly hair and liquid smiles had long since died
replaced by scraped knees and scuffed shoes
on her way to cotton candy and licorice stick mornings
golden with sunrise

now the western sky of her life is aglow
with the setting sun of another day gone by
as she sits alone on a sea-foam blanket softly floating
on the folding waves

her salt-filled tears mingle with the vast ocean
as she remembers the oneness of life
and that her crying feeds the immense waters
as her tears fall one last time with the sinking sun