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sedona arizona...

sedona arizona…

“pick a large stone son,” he said looking into the shallow brook
“one that is heavy and smooth to fit both hands.

not a small stone that you can gather into one palm
nor easily hold when using both; test your limits when you choose.”

the youngster selected a large stone, one he could hardly hold,
grunting and groaning he finally managed to say

“this is the stone i have selected, it is smooth and colorful
this stone is heavy and with a wrong step i shall fall.”

“then so be it my son, let this be your stone…
the stone you carry with you throughout your lifetime

and when tempted to throw stones at others
whether their cause be just or unjust, agreeable or not

always select this stone, too heavy to throw
only heavy enough to remind you of your own limitations.”

and this is how i learned about strength in weakness
and how to select stones for the garden of my life.