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leaning silently in the doorway...weeping for words, and a song to play

leaning silently in the doorway…weeping for words, and a song to play

some say the music still plays
in the empty doorway, dark with time
past ten thousand yesterdays
and melodic songs with words that rhyme

only in silence can you hope to hear
the forgotten songs that used to play
in the din of noise from a distant year
chasing the haunting songs away

there, in the midst of badly peeling paint
and faded red bricks crumbling into dust
and a tarnished statue of a captive saint
whose flowing robe has turned to rust

i felt a song begging for time
to be released into the waiting air
hoping to someday, somehow find
a melody in the wind travelling somewhere

and the hollow, haunting sound still rings
as the lonely cry of my music rests
upon six waiting guitar strings
hoping somehow to resurrect the best

i still weep at the sound of my guitar
yet i know the tune will go nowhere
for distance is measured by near and far
and only touches the heart that cares

songs and poems will be laid to rest
and that which was will be never again
but let it be said i gave my best
to my guitar, my song, and to you my friend