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i lost you somewhere in the fog
tuesday, the day we shared cherry pie and coffee
i knew by the way you swallowed your words
and politely wiped the punctuation with your napkin

soft music cooled our coffee, black
and when tears welled in your eyes i had no doubt
you would walk away when the final word was spoken
and last glances devoured like dust in an upright hoover

i never knew then, and don’t know now…
where did you go when you turned left towards fillmore street?
aimless, it seemed and yet with power
steamed with determination like a railroad locomotive

i see you on occasion and yet not
sometimes it is your eyes worn by another woman
sometimes your smile has been stolen
but never can another woman wear you like you did

when i hear the song that played that day
tuesday, when we shared cherry pie and coffee
i close my eyes and watch you walk in the door
turning right from fillmore street

never wanting to open my eyes for fear that i was dreaming
i wait until i am sure my coffee is stone cold
so i can ask for a fresh cup with no tears
and watch the server walk away…just as you did