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guarded brick wall

some say the music still plays
in the sealed doorway, dark with time
past ten thousand yesterdays
where melodic songs flow with rhyme

only in silence can you hope to hear
the forgotten songs that used to play
those harshly made noises of a distant year
chasing the haunting songs away

in the midst of badly peeling paint
and faded bricks crumbling into dust
stands a tarnished statue of a captive saint
whose flowing robe has turned to rust

i felt a song begging for time
hoping for release into the waiting air
back into the heavens on a spiral climb
whispering to angels everywhere

over the years singers have surely died
all songs returned to their pillow clouds
with the purest music buried deep inside
where vagrant noise is never allowed

’til now the lonely cry of music’s death
rests upon six waiting guitar strings
while the song has taken its final breath
and in heaven, a host of angels sing