This is a first for me and as I start out I am at a loss, wondering what I should say.  This is a poetry site so perhaps today and in the days ahead I will discuss my thoughts on poetry, writing in general, and where the ‘inspiration’ is born.

I will also write about bipolar and what it is like to experience the darker places of my life and then to stand on the pinnacle the next minute..

I hope to write at a minimum of a few times a week so if you read this and have thoughts please let me know because I am new at it and constructive criticism will always be welcome.

As a poet and writer I will share whatever I can but I can only do that from my own experience.  It will be the same when I write about bipolar and since I live in that world everyday I am qualified from that perspective.

Great!  I think I just wrote my first blog entry…let me know what you think.