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there are so many things happening in our world today that it is difficult to catalog it all.

so i won’t.

it rained here today.  actually it was little more than a trace of wet on the pavement.  it was thicker than split-pea soup in places so that counts as rain in arizona.

i wanted chocolate and that was the only craving i had that was tugging harder on me than sex. i suppose wanting and needing and craving and getting are about as far removed from one corner of the earth to another as can be imagined.  chocolate was safe and easier to come by.

sometimes i still dream—and dreams are different from mere thoughts. i hope that my dreams will be uncensored except within my own boundaries and those are plentiful and round-up any vagrant thoughts quicker than a sheep-herder’s dog at dusk.  i am trying to break loose of those ties that bind.

now that i am older and hopefully a tad bit wiser, i see too late that any prosperity i had gained was spent like a fat boy’s quarter in a chocolate shop.

as a child i acknowledged that God is both good and great, and now, sixty-plus years later, i know that to be true.

God never let me go hungry, i never missed a meal.

it’s also true that i never miss depakoke, seroquel, lithium and zoloft. the four make up quite a combination that somehow goes down like chocolate mousse…without the chocolate and without the mousse…but with the dream that my mind could be settled without those four little pills.

for the record, it is unsettled without the intervention of those four little pills.  i’ll tell you about it sometime.