morning calm shook us awake
as our shadows met somewhere in time
yet now it seems like only yesterday
…that mendocino morning

we danced a slow dance to the sound of quiet
like an old melody running through our heads
while walking along the rugged shore
collecting pocket driftwood memories

when i kiss you do you remember mendocino
and how the water flowed onto the shore
then turned away after only a moment?
it was our moment

do you reflect back to the sound
as some distant foghorn bellows out of tune
unafraid to sing harmony
with the circling gulls and bellowing seals?

do you remember morning
as the sun paints a fresh coat of welcome
then colors it tangerine
and splashes it with red wine?

our hearts met on this day
begging us to hold the palette of morning
with colors borrowed from the sky
on a mendocino background

it was our moment