i took this picture in tucson, arizona
where windows were painted with
images such as bob dylan, jimi hendrixx,
and willie nelson. 

madonna was prettier than each of them.

madonna word press


i saw her looking out
over the streets of tuscon
my imagination wept
in places where her song once lived
cradled in her lips
like a newborn 

she was painted on glass
with piercing eyes
and mustang-wild hair
unable to move
frozen in a moment when

an artist said boldly
this is who you are 

her eyes stopped me
haunting…waiting, inviting
opening the seduction of her soul 

her lips held untold secrets
like memories folded neatly
in some hope chest meant for tomorrow
spent yesterday

hair cascaded freely
a flowing stream of silence
all to say “i have a flower”
and together we define beauty

they do
she does
beauty defined with no dictionary
no stolen words