as i look at my wordpress and facebook pages
of a gull flying over ocean waves
i can hear the crashing waters raging
as if it was just yesterday

these same waves are no longer there
yet many more have taken their place
they slap the rocks and return to the air
it has always been the case

i’m sorry to say the bird has passed away
and flown to where old seagulls go
yet i remember so clearly that special way
he posed for a shot only we would know

this all happened in a place called bydasea
a place that covers both the east coast and west
so if you find yourself standing there bydasea
please give those special gulls my very best


I took this picture of ocean waves several years
ago in Carmel California.  The photo of the gull I took over
forty years ago…with something call film.  He was flying in
the opposite direction from what I show here but otherwise
I left him completely alone.  I only turned him around in an
effort to help him get home.  I know I need that sometimes.