Did you ever sit at an old picnic table and talk with
a friend or loved one about your most cherished
memories and hopes for tomorrow?
Suddenly the day was spent, and you were so much
richer for the experience. This is that table and if you
have never been here please sit and rest with me…
you may not treasure the memories just yet but trust
me, someday you will look back at this old table and
trace every line with your fingertips….

a picnic table 1

picnic table
sitting across from one another
words spoke what their eyes already knew
and the water behind her sipped on them
in search of its own shades of blue
they talked and laughed about yesterday
as if it had a name of its own
and made plans that would last forever
but forever was already gone
painted with entanglements and shadows
the old table was now tilted and gray
bearing initials carved in the wooden top
as if it had always been that way