winter windchimes wp

the silent snowman

like an inverted V they leaned against one another
warmth from two bodies flowing
though only their shoulders touched
their body heat met at the created apex

they dreamed of warmer childhood days
when circulation was drawn to that place of touch
where synchronous curves of their dance flowed
to the near-silent music of still air

softly falling snow echoed their hush
like slow drifting white goose-down feathers
layered in soundless silence
slowly surrounding their warmth with winter’s cold

the drumbeat of two hearts
paced their unhurried march to nowhere
sleep found them in their peaceful pose
and one falling snowflake after another stayed

until the beat of their hearts met
children building frozen white sand castles
their inverted V was frozen in time
until the white of snow melted away

their scribbled note told the story
two old children who never left childhood
and chose instead to play in the snow
and become that snowman they never built