bicycle rentals

the gray bridge

they were rented bicycles
on a borrowed bridge and a stolen day

we did more walking and pushing, than riding
as i guarded your smile
watching for potholes, listening to sea lions
observing the formation of small waves
and whispered words on your lips
with equal interest

you were steady on your bicycle
with only an occasional sign of imbalance
followed by your confident laugh
and a tighter grip on your handlebars

that mass of painted-orange steel seemed small
when you smiled
and smaller yet when you laughed

barking sea lions and the blue waters of the bay
grew strangely quiet when our eyes met

that was san francisco in all her glory
with the smell of sour dough bread
and the measured clanging noise of the cable car bell
when eyes kissed with the passion of lips

and only wide-eyed tourists dared to notice
with their nervous out-of-town giggles
treasures to take home
while wishing to pocket them as their own