never before had my first glance been at fingernails
yet there she stood
slender in her lamb’s skin miniskirt
long flowing hair matching that of a hundred others
on haight street

her slender fingers wrapped part-way round the metal pole
haight street
ashbury street
linear words hanging over her head like a circular diadem

still, her fingernails
ten nails, ten fluorescent colors
adding color to an intersection that thrived
in colorful stories

for decades young women had worn miniskirts
long hair flowing in the breeze
photos snapped beneath the famous signs
smiles, legs, and now…fingernails

i heard her laugh from a distance
never knew her name
never tasted her smile
but could have fallen in love

with fluorescent painted nails
gripping a post beneath street signs
which had remained silent
through so many colorful stories to tell