the girl on a pier

the leap

her scarf rippled red in the breeze
flapping like a mariner’s flag
erratic as her thoughts had been
when she wept on my shoulder

i watched from a distance now
my hollow words returning to me undelivered
no postage due, in a chamber, a tube

she inched forward
sunglasses still diverting her tears
ponytailed hair now almost limp
as her body would be

i watched, unable to move now
each of my steps matched
as she inched closer
to her destiny

dull gray wood was painted with age like death
she was gone
sunglasses laying where she had been
nothing more

a momentary hole in the vast ocean
an eternal hole in my heart
“let me go when i go” she had asked
so i did

so young, so full of life
until life betrayed her
and life support was no answer
now the sea would support her

that is life