bronze lady beneath oak tree

This young lady has been laying in my house for years.
I have walked past her countless times and rarely looked
her way. Then one day, as if calling out to me, I looked and
there she was, burnished bronze. I wondered…what would
she look like beneath an old oak tree? I wondered and so…

I’m trying to figure out what exactly it is I write…I suppose I
consider myself more of a storyteller than a poet (if that
matters). However it is classified, here is another short
story…a figment of my imagination. Hope you enjoy.

the bronze lady
she was bronze
looking this way or perhaps that
and yet i saw her, quiet…even silent
hiding beneath her wide brimmed hat
stretched on a blanket
was she a shadow?
a memory?
a dream?
a wish?
was she once part of a monumental bronze statue?
did she adorn a portion of an ancient greek courtyard?
or was she melted from an axe head…
or a weapon of war?
she is beautiful
was she formed as a model struck a pose?
have i known her…
in the flesh before she became bronze?
perhaps now i will appreciate her
perhaps once i loved her
in her silence she waits
hiding beneath her wide brimmed hat
stretched on a blanket
in her silence
i wonder
so many questions swirl around this silent lady
no answers
only bronze
photo & text: tolbert