Carlsbad California (2017)…or any ocean waves you may have known in your travels…These waves, parts of them, may have met…or will meet with your waves some day…that’s just the waves are.

(Please Turn Speakers On)

listen to the quiet

words were unnecessary
as waves spoke loudly enough
with an occasional splash over
positioned boulders

we wanted to blend with the sea
but sounds of the quiet
went the way of retreating water
and incoming billows of fog

gulls flew overhead
surfing on swirling breezes
slicing through an impending storm
like a white treble clef
on a sky filled with musical interpretation
of a song not yet sung

listening to the quiet
and the silence of our own words
our eyes told the story
that we had finally learned in
our older years

gulls and storms and ocean waves
splashed over situated boulders
and the voice the sea has gained
for those who listen

words were not necessary
as your eyes reminded me
that a song not yet sung…
is a song in waiting
a melody of yesterday’s quiet
folding over the silence of tomorrow