she knew 1233 corel


she knew

she knew he liked old clocks
rusted out buckets
and smiles worn by beautiful women
intrigued by these
he became a collector of sorts

she gathered photos of log cabins
and pictures of dogs in need of love
while he composed a library of romantic songs
and wrote poetry that never rhymed
as they shared laughter together

he hoped to become a wordsmith
simply to clothe her in picturesque meadows
where her most beautiful dream homes
watched over the shenandoah river
or surveyed the appalachian mountains

through it all she kept her smile and he kept his poetry
broken clocks and rusted out buckets sat quietly still
the shenandoah river still flowed
the appalachian mountains were still stunning
while she searched out log cabins and stray dogs
he looked for words that rhymed

after all, love is the victor
what better way to fill rusted out buckets?