where do you hide your sin?

walking along the disjointed shoreline
where sand dollars and broken shells lay scattered about
i watched the rolling waves cover over them
moving in to cleanse, then flowing back out

as i watched this natural phenomenon
happening over and over, time and again
i asked myself this piercing question
‘where, oh where do i hide my deepest sin’?

i watched cumulus clouds forming to the west
and squawking sea gulls flying all around
as seafoam bubbles splashed softly at my feet
i questioned myself without making a sound

can i know the depths of my own heart
and will spotlessness live deep within
i had no footprints on the hard-packed sand
so where do i hide my deepest sin?

i sat all night watching nature all around me
crawling crabs and sandpipers my newest friends
and while i watched god’s creation unfold
i knew he had forgiven my deepest sin